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October 27, 2012
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BJBB: GiA [Trump] by A-Shiyocchi BJBB: GiA [Trump] by A-Shiyocchi

▼ M A I N • P R O F I L E

"I like melons...choco bananas too.....ooh ooh and strawberries too..and a lot others actually."

    | | B A S I C * I N F O | |

      Name:   GiA
      Age:   17
      Birthday:   n/a

        Height:   5’5”
        Weight:   116 lbs
        Canon Voice:   [click]

          Profession:   Mechanic / Technician
          Rank:   Trump
          Card Type & Number:   2 of Hearts

    | | W E A P O N | |

      [ G-ROBO Ver. 3.0 ]
        info TBA
      | | I T E M S | |

        [ Mechanical Tools]
          pliers, wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, bolt cutters…any type of tools that has to do with fixing or building any techy and mechy stuffs. GiA keeps them all in a toolbox, sometimes bringing them along everywhere he goes and sometimes just completely leave them behind due to the weight.  

▼ P E R S O N A L I T Y

    [ Hard-working | Friendly | Naive | Inquisitive | Carefree | Wimp ]

      GiA is an intelligent teen with a considerably high IQ. He’s able to learn and grasp things quickly, might it be from reading or after seeing anyone showing him how to once. He’s nice and sweet to most people, and even though bearing quite a load of knowledge he speaks in a hint of innocence and naivety. He’s curious about almost everything, but will seldom ask for answer. Instead he’ll try to find out what stuffs are by himself. He likes tweaking electronic appliances, disassembling them before reassembling again. GiA’s a definitely messy and unorganized individual as he likes to leave his things around where he finds easier to reach (a.k.a the floor around him). He’s a little bit paranoid when it comes to losing his possessions so he ended up installing GPS track-able microchips on them. When it comes to work, GiA tends to force himself to stay awake overnight as he prefer to finish things fast disregarding his super unattended and weak body condition, causing him to often doze off to sleep at random places at random times. And when it’s not because of work, it’s him experimenting with mini robots. Apparently working night time makes it easier for him to focus since there’s less distraction around.

      Though a genius at work, and is to be considered as a 'nice' person, the teen's undeniably awkward when it comes to socializing. He finds it hard to connect to other people unless they have a considerate amount of compatible interest to his own (especially tech related things and desserts) . Knowing that, the teen really does hold his friends dear and will do the best he could to assist them. GiA tend to stay very,very neutral when he finds himself stuck in some argument he’s not supposed to get involved in. Knowing well that he’s weak and most probably will get beaten into pulp if he attempts to fight back, he tries his best to avoid as many suspicious angry and scary looking people as possible. He's also a bit panicky, over-reacting to things most of the times. He gets frightened easily,an easy target for a surprise prank. It's hard to get him mad or angry, it's almost impossible even as he's really easy to cheer back up whenever he's not being his usual air-headed carefree self.

    | | L I K E S | |
      • Cakes
      • Candies
      • Robo
      • Nice and kind looking people
      • Holidays
      World peace

    | | D I S L I K E S | |
      • Coffee
      • Violence
      • Ghosts
      • Monsters

▼ M E M O I R

    | | C H I L D H O O D | |

      Being an orphan child, GiA’s past has always been a vague one. He might be left by his parents when he was little, or they might have been dead since long; he had no clue whatsoever. He was left by the door of a very small and poor orphanage near the slums. Born as a frail kid, GiA easily fell sick often, a kid with very small amount of stamina supply. As a result, he’s always very thin and pale looking. Surprisingly, he managed to adapt to his own condition and survived through with the minimum source of medical treatments and lived on.

      As a child, he was always the peculiar one. Living with no one ‘educated’ properly in particular, he had nobody to teach him how to read or properly write, but he’d find his ways by sneaking to small schools and listening to the classes from outside. He’d learn words from picking up thrown books and dictionaries near the dumpsters. He’d catch any kind of information his eyes could see and record them in his mind. His fascination to mechanical objects eventually started when he kept finding thrown away robotic toys in the dumpster. He’d be intrigued to know how each part was made, how they were made to move, how you would have to secure some joints to another. He would take them apart before trying to revert back how it was. Not as simple as reading and listening to lectures, he found it more challenging.

    | | A D O L E S C E N C E + R E C R U I T M E N T | |

      Spending a lot of time learning how to operate the mechanism properly as he grew up, he’d re-create or re-build a few, most of them he sold to provide himself some food and clothing. He’d at times sit by the street of Pearson for people to find him and get him to fix some of their old household appliances, which of course came with a charge of money too. It’s not rare for him to often get chased away by local police when he did that. Thankfully, GiA managed to land himself a job in a garage run by humans with some other rabbits. The job was of course hard, requiring a lot of strength which he pretty much knew he didn't have. Still he’d work hard, though finding it easy to understand how the motors work and finding it easy to figure out what to fix, somehow pinning his boss to not fire him and let him stay like that. Though however, he’s eventually kicked out as more and more ‘educated’ people came in. Forced back to his small ‘business’ on the streets again, he one day heard the people around talking about some sort of ruckus a rabbit was causing.

      Finding it pretty ‘normal’ for rabbits to be accused wrecking whatever was broken around town he shrugged it off and continued working on repairing things. The city’s corrupted he thought; his kinds were always the ones getting the blame even though the humans may sometimes be as rotten or even more. Not really finding convenience in complaining anyway he stayed there focused on his work as the people around decided to check out what was happening, leaving the area he was at pretty empty. He’d just go through the day like any other he thought, he had no need to get involved he told himself. He’d rather stick to what he had now before he run out of money and a place to live he ensured himself. But the day betrayed his expectation as the said chaos bringer stopped by where he was. A rabbit with dark features, scarred, looking intimidating in a very dangerous way that GiA would not want to have anything to do with the guy. Oddly enough, the type of man he’d avoid the most soon pulled out what seemed to be a portrait of the blond boy. Confused and terrified as he was, getting no chance to even ask what was happening the rabbit soon snatched him off his work, dragging him along through his escape. Shocked and bewildered, he started darting out questions after questions, not much struggling since he didn't want anything bad to happen to him. Not much to expectation, the rabbit who ‘kidnapped’ him just stayed quiet telling him to shut his mouth.

      After everything that had happened he was then kidnapped. Surely luck wasn't on his side of life. He just followed like a doll as he’s taken to some secluded place. Through alleys, dark corners, silent streets. He never knew or would have guessed a path like this would lead them anywhere but he was soon shoved along to what seemed to be a long dark tunnel behind a hidden pathway. Light soon came back to his vision as he then found himself facing a huge building he could not recall seeing before. Now stopping he glanced over to the kidnapper again, wanting to know where exactly he had brought him to and why. Receiving a sketchy answer of "You'll see when you meet Kyuu", reluctantly GiA had to follow the rabbit into the building. Upon entering he had noticed several things. There were only rabbits there, not a single human in sight. He was uncertain whether to calm down or freak out by the fact. Some of them even carried weapons. Was he trapped in some criminal house or something of the sort he had no idea. Simply tailing the guy from behind going through long almost unending halls, GiA soon came face to face with another rabbit, female, with aura just as intimidating as the kidnapper’s. One was Kyuu, and the ex-kidnapper’ Caelan, both were part of a group of other rabbits responsible to keep control of the place. Learning their names he was soon offered a proposition to work in what they call a brigade as a mechanic. He was dumbfounded, didn't see that coming at all.

      Apparently they had heard of his small achievements and reputations off the street and thought it would be a waste for him to work under humans. Plus...they were in desperate need for someone to take care of the old building. Hesitating, he was sure helping a criminal brigade was not something he’d consider ‘safe’ in his life. But upon learning that the place was more than just a group of destructive rabbits coming together, GiA began to re-think over the offer to help keep the refugees and victims safe. He could actually do something to help the condition of the rabbits around rather than aimlessly going around the streets. He could actually help them fighting against the twisted hierarchy in the city. He could actually help to protect them. Sure that he made the right choice, he agreed to the offer.

    | | P R E S E N T • S T A T E | |

      After staying with the brigade for about a year plus, GiA had learn how to adjust himself to the hectic schedules and the loads of things he has to attend to. Though sleep deprived, it's undeniably visible that he's living a better life than when he was just off outside picking things up from random places. He's also thankful to have met a number of other people he's more than glad to call friends. He's still not sure that he's worthy of the position as a Trump, but he's working his best to provide the others as much help and assistance as he can.

▼ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

    | | R A N D O M • F A C T S | |
      • Good at lock-picking for no reason.
      • He can fall sleep almost everywhere, any possible position.
      • Has a voice recorder installed somewhere on his hoodie which is turned on almost 24/7 just in case he falls asleep while talking to anyone.
      • Most of the materials his clothes are made of water-proof material since he needs to keep most of his gadgets dry.
      • He’s terrible when it comes to adapting to weather changes.
      • Low blood pressure....
      | | R E L A T I O N S | |
        Sven: probably the only one person he really considers as a real best friend. He finds it easy to tell the older figure just about anything, knowing that the man is the least judgmental. If he were to choose anyone to trust anything with, it would be Sven right away. He sometimes worry about the other man, picking up signs that he's probably wayyy more stressed than GiA is-- well..not that he's stressed.
        Lea: the second person he'd most probably turn to when he's in trouble...that includes when he needs help he can't afford to ask from Sven based on reasons GiA doesn't want to disturb him. Though he can tell that most of the times Lea's reluctant to tend to him, at least he has a bigger chance getting a 'yes' from the ripper compared to the other co-workers of his.
        Aster: a very...very... VERY scary person who seems to bicker with Lea a lot for reasons GiA can never understand. Note to self to never in any way annoy/irritate him. He still finds Aster's ability very cool btw.
        Mei: another scary person... GiA's not sure why but the boy seems to be irritated by his presence. (T 7 T)
        Kirsche: a very nice person who always shares cakes with him. He's glad that a nice harmless person like Kirsche still exist in this very cruel cruel world....and hey, they're around the same height too. Yey /o/

O. My. God.


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